Monday, February 21, 2011

Solidarity Forever at the Wisconsin capitol

For more video of the protest, check my youtube channel at

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wisconsin stands up!

The corporate media is blacking out the Wisconsin fight for union rights and working-class living standards, which is why we need to publicize it ourselves. Here is a collection of articles, some mainstream and some not, covering the rebellion in Wisconsin.

LA Times
NY Times article (not good coverage, but coverage nonetheless)
Progressive article Wisconsinites Rally

Labor Notes article (February 17th), by Lynn Glueck, Madison teacher

One campus group that is organizing for Wisconsin workers is Student Labor Action Coalition (SLAC), which looks to have grown in strength in recent years. Here is a video of a 2010 SLAC protest against Nike sweatshops.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Obama going down supporting enemies of democracy

The events in Egypt, with the people demanding democracy against an intransigent dictator, throw a spotlight on the global power arrangements - especially those between this dictatorship and the U.S. It looks like Obama will go down supporting the enemies of democracy to the very end. His actions are dressed in pragmatism, harkening back to Bush Sr.'s mantra "must be prudent." Really, what is most evident, is Obama's firm anchoring within the power dynamic of America-led global capitalism.  I just hope liberals who voted for Obama, and declared him to be on the side of the people, are paying attention.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Roekel's good defense

The attack against teacher working conditions is heating up. Maybe this is what explains why a leader of a teacher union finally did a decent job defending us against the attacks. Dennis Van Roekel performed well in this NY Times article, defending teacher tenure as a basic right of protection against arbitrary dismissal. Maybe I haven't seen enough performances of the top brass, but Randi Weingarten's performance on Bill Maher's Real Time during the Central Falls debacle was abysmal. Back to the article, the claim by opponents of tenure that only bad teachers have an interest in tenure is beyond absurd.