Sunday, November 21, 2004

More pictures from Fort Benning

Here is a photo of the crowd assembled to protest the Army's School of the Americas (SOA) at Fort Benning, Georgia. The SOA is an army school set up by the U.S. military to train right-wing foreign despots, paramilitary torturers and assassins. Many brutal military brass from Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and everywhere else in Latin America and throughout the world, have received their training at the SOA. Today, many attendees hail from the Colombian military. For more information on SOA, read posts below and check out the SOA Watch website.

Note: The U.S. government changed the name of the SOA a few years ago to the Western Hemispheric Institute on Security Cooperation (WHISC). They obviously did this to deflect criticism of the school and promote confusion by giving the school such a confusing name. Just like their pathetic strategy of hiding the school's front sign (see picture below from Saturday), the military tried to hide their dirty deeds by a name change. Of course most activists go by the former name, the SOA, rather than use the Orwellian mouthful WHISC.
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Anonymous said...

So did the cops start a riot?


Corey said...

No police riot, but 22 arrests were made according to Atlanta IMC. I imagine that the arrests came as a result of the yearly civil disobedience, when protesters trespass upon the military base.

Two years ago, when military security searched every single person heading to the protest area, there was the potential for resistance against the military police. We protested by chanting "We don't consent to this search," but of course we were walking slow enough to get searched (if I remember right). A few people didn't consent, however, and were arrested. Not sure what happened this time around...