Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bucky Halker

I headed over to Illinois Wesleyan University tonight and heard Bucky Halker sing labor songs and talk about their historical significance. The music was great, and just as good was the analysis and commentary by Halker himself, Mike Matejka of the Bloomington-Normal Trades and Labor Assembly, and others. It was a great event in a very stately campus library, but I'd also love to listen to Halker's labor tunes in a bar relaxing with a cold one!

I wonder if Halker would be interested in performing at the One Day in July street festival in Minneapolis/St. Paul this summer?


bucky said...

Hey Corey:

Glad you came to the concert at the library in Bloomington in IL Wesleyan and glad to know you also enjoyed it. Libraries do have their drawbacks, including the no drinking policy! They usually pay better than clubs these days, however. But festivals are another thing entirely and I'm always game for those. Of course, I'm game for Mpls-St. Paul. Just send 'em my way.

In solidarity,
Bucky Halker

Corey said...

I'll get back to you soon. Great concert, by the way!