Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's up with health care?

Now that Obama's originally bad health care proposals are threatening to get worse, caused by the health insurance industry's pressure upon Congress to water down the "public option" alternative, I've set out to collect articles on the topic as a resource for myself and my friends.
The presidential candidates' health plans - Milton Fisk (11/08)
The health care cave-in - Robert Reich (5/09)
The retreat from reform - Alan Maass and Helen Redmond (5/09)

Know of any other good articles? I'm currently looking for detailed information on Obama's "public option" insurance plan, a government-run plan available for people to choose as an alternative to private insurance. If this proposal doesn't end up getting watered down by the health insurance industry, I'm still concerned that health insurance would be tied to employment. With that system, I would not have an individual choice to choose the public option, since my employers pay for my health care and it would be up to them to choose. (In some cases, the union can decide.) Is this a a concern? Where is there information on this?

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