Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rachel's travels

I took this picture of my partner in route between 2 summer trips. Actually she has been traveling for 3 weeks now!

She spent 2 weeks traveling in El Salvador and happened to be there for 3 historical events - the transfer of state power from the extremely right-wing ARENA party, which ruled for 30 or so years, to the left-wing FMLN; the major earthquake (7.2 on the Richter Scale) that rattled the country from its epicenter in the ocean off Honduras; and the Salvadoran soccer victory over Mexico, a major upset that boosted national pride after Salvadorans endured insult after insult from the Mexican press.

Now, she is heading to Cincinnati to work for the evil empire of the education world - Educational Testing Service (ETS). (In case you are reading this, ETS, this is my opinion, not hers!) At the very least, it's good money for 1 week's worth of work. In the picture, she is getting ready to take off for Cincinnati, after just returning from El Salvador.

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