Monday, September 07, 2009

The real Labor Day is May 1st

I celebrate Labor Day, whether in September or May. But, I must add, the true Labor Day is May 1st, the International Workers Day, which is celebrated internationally by workers around the world (everywhere but here in the U.S, except for a small minority of us, I might add).

This point, that International Labor Day is May 1st, was driven home this year by a requirement that the Bloomington-Normal Trade and Labor Assembly has for its Labor Day parade. They stipulate that all parade vehicles must be union-made (great! I support that) and American-made. American-made? What exactly does that mean? I have a Toyota Corolla that was assembled in California, by American union workers. Does that count as made in America? Or must the company be based in America? Of course I would object if the answer was no. Why should we care about the home country of company management?

I would go even further and say that it shouldn't matter where the car is made, as long as union workers made it. True worker solidarity knows no country!

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