Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Support single-payer, not the insurance industry bailout

Here is Kucinich's excellent summary on why the recently passed health care bill is fatally flawed and not a step in the right direction. You can find a summary at http://www.clevelandleader.com/node/11927 . Some other progressive members, like Grijalva from AZ, were considering voting against it but unfortunately did not at this time. If this were a bill that was even a small step in the right direction, I can see how people would want to support it. But, as it stands, it is a capitulation to the health care insurance industry. By including a weak public option, which only a fraction would be eligible, it is essentially a huge bailout of the insurance industry. It subsidizes with billions of taxpayer dollars the inherent waste and high cost of the current employer-based insurance system. It delivers billions of dollars to the insurance companies, strengthening their already gargantuan power. By eliminating the Kucinich Amendment, which would make possible the choice of single-payer at the state level, it codifies the power of the insurance industry in law. Kucinich argued on Democracy Now! that he could not vote in good conscience on a bill that essentially dooms forever the possibility of real health care reform, a single-payer system or some variation that eliminates the source of the problem - for-profit insurance. He also rightly points out that some of the provisions we can support - like a ban against pre-existing conditions and others - can be done in stand-alone bills and not tied to giant taxpayer-supported give-aways to the corporations.

Single-payer Now!

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