Monday, November 23, 2009

Waiting for winter

Since moving to Bloomington-Normal last year, I've had more reasons to anticipate the chill of winter. Winters here aren't that bad, at least compared to Minnesota, in terms of intensity and duration. I still don't like it when it gets very cold, which does happen occasionally, but overall I don't dread winter here like I did in Minnesota. My anticipation, though, has to do more with my allergies. Because fall is so long here, warmer, my allergies are much worse until the temp consistently dives below freezing in December. So I'm literally waiting for the chill. Plus, now that we have a house that requires yardwork, I'm anxiously waiting for when I won't have to mow the lawn. (I actually enjoy mowing with my motorless push mower, but not when the ground is saturated with water and parts of it are turning to mud!)

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