Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bloomington-Normal Citizens for Peace and Justice

Or, BNCPJ, as it is called for short. BNCPJ is the anti-war group in B-N. When first moving here, they were very easy to find on the Internet. And being independent of party politics, promoting grassroots mass action, BNCPJ was an easy sell. Since then, though, activity in the group has waned. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm guessing that many who support Obama either think the imperialist wars in the Middle East are over or don't want to embarrass their commander-in-chief by opposing his wars and occupations. But, I would argue, imperialism is imperialism, and it doesn't matter whose war it happens to be. We should be in the streets opposing the Iraq and Afpak wars, and to that end, BNCPJ is kicking off its new rally time on July 2, 5:30 pm, on East Street (in front of the B/N Center for the Performing Arts). See you in the streets, or in our case, on the sidewalks!Link

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